Classroom Challenge – Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya

WWEP activity: Classroom design / Classroom construction

Kakuma refugee camp is situated in northern Kenya close to the South Sudan border. It opened in 1991 and is now home to over 187,000 refugees from multiple countries across the central and Horn of Africa regions. The two largest groups within the camp are from South Sudan and Somalia. Malnutrition, communicable disease outbreaks, and malaria are all ongoing problems, therefore education is often not seen as a high priority by financial donors leading to schools and education programs being underfunded and low on resources.

A child who entered the camp in 2007 will now be reaching the age of 16 having had little or no education. What does this mean for the future of that child?

WWEP is working to change this. We have embarked on a classroom building programme in the camp for several reasons:

  1. Over crowding in classrooms is extremely high with often 1 teacher for over 150-200 pupils in most primary schools and a class of over 250 pupils in one class is also common.
  2. Existing mud brick classrooms are ageing and need replacing. Many have had to close due to safety concerns of possible collapse.
  3. To replace tented classrooms which are primarily used to cope with the sudden influx of refugees and only intended for short term use. Often these are used as an ongoing solution but can be very hot inside for the pupils and become damaged over time.
  4. To provide an educational space for the growing population in the camp as conflict, famine, drought, and political instability in the region continues to create mass refugee movements.

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Teacher from Hope primary school (which has an enrolment of 4,500 pupils) explains the issues of overcrowding below:

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