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Adding to the terror of the ongoing war in Syria, causing millions to flee across neighbouring borders and beyond, the Christians in Iraq were targeted for some of the cruellest religious persecution imaginable in 2014 when Daish (ISIS) invaded Mosul.  They too had to flee for their lives, and the King of Jordan offered them sanctuary.  About 7,000 arrived in the summer of 2014 and are most are still in transit waiting for visas for Australia and Canada, the USA and the UK, living in Amman close to parishes as it is not safe for them in the refugee camps.

Most government and international funding is going to the Syrian refugees in the camps; as refugees the Iraqis are not allowed to work, and they are being looked after by Christian charities and NGOs.  They need food and rent, but also friendship and hope and to keep looking forward and this is where Parishes for Peace, a UK registered charity, aims to make a difference.  Parishes in the UK are linked with parishes in Jordan, and one of the most wanted opportunities is to learn the English they will need in their new countries when eventually they get there.

In June 2017, WWEP supplied hundreds of language books donated to by our partner; LAL Language Centres.  Parishes for Peace has given the first ones to the Iraqi girls on the Rafedin project above – a sewing workshop making lovely stylish casual clothes.  They need English, they had a teacher but no books and were thrilled when Parishes for Peace was able to provide them.  The rest of the books will be taken out to be used on different English courses run by Parishes for Peace this Autumn and next year.


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