World Wide Education ProjectRegistered Charity Number 1160396, is a UK based charity that creates access to quality education through school design, teacher training, psychosocial support and classroom supplies in developing, disaster and conflict affected countries.



School design for challenging environments

Ranging from arid refugee camps to tropical urban slums, the World Wide Education Project creates access to learning spaces in challenging environments.

We offer a range of services to support schools and organisations meet their aims, including: Needs Assessments, Site Planning, Building Design, Construction and Research and Development.

Mabati classroom - Kakuma 1


Teacher training in
curriculum and pedagogy

Worldwide Education Project is supported by Independent Thinking Ltd, one of the UK’s leading educational training and school development organisations with twenty years experience working across the UK and globally. We place teachers to support school improvement work across the world in many different settings. Projects in Chile and Ghana working in classrooms with teachers and children and with school leaders are already proving to have a positive effect on schools in challenging situations.



Psychological support
for teachers and pupils

We set up and manage a range of interventions to support teachers and pupils. Staff reflective groups provide a safe space for the Education in Emergencies staff to discuss the important work that they do. The sessions are facilitated by trained professionals and create an ethos of peer support and open discussion that will in turn create a healthier classroom environment. UK based teachers and other professionals with the transition of being deployed to an emergency situation are supported pre, in-service and post assignment. Areas targeted with this initiative are Pre-assignment – fears and apprehension, In-service – dealing with the pressures of the job, Post-assignment – debriefing and evaluation of assignment. This package aims to reduce the potential of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) which is a common occurrence within the emergencies profession.



Classroom supplies

We work with schools and local authorities in the UK to reuse their redundant educational furniture and equipment by sending it to our partnered projects overseas.

We can help school leaders in the UK make sure their redundant furniture doesn’t go to waste by enhancing the quality of another school overseas. For UK schools it can help build an understanding of school life in developing countries and serve as an opportunity to reflect on the value of resources and learn how best to use them.

Our services to overseas schools and education focused charities include: Needs Assessment, Supply and Delivery using international shipping, Import/Export Documentation and Impact Assessment.


Our UK operation also includes…


This experience will introduce users to the challenging environment of a classroom in a refugee camp through a series of workshops and lessons. Click HERE to find out more.


What would you teach and how would you teach it if, like teachers in impoverished communities around the world, you had no resources to rely on? Click HERE to find out more.

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