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Founded in 2015 by Simon Devine, the World Wide Education Project has made a commitment to support the educational needs of some of the worlds most vulnerable and needy children and teachers.

We and our partners are committed to creating access to quality education through a programme of school design, teacher training, psychosocial support and classroom supplies. We carry out our work across countries affected by poverty, disaster and conflict.

We aim to making a difference to the lives of pupils and teachers around the world.

“Without the help of provided to us by our supporters, we would not be able to achieve the vital support we aim to deliver and our beneficiaries would not get the help they need”  Simon Devine, Founder and Operational Director, World Wide Education Project.

WWEP was founded on the following fundamental principles:


We fundamentally believe that every person we interact with has an innate right to be valued and to receive ethical treatment, that when followed, promote values such as trust, good behaviour, fairness, and kindness.

Respect and value of each and every child

We fundamentally believe that very child has the right to live, develop to the best of their personal potential, have the same rights and not face exclusion, be respected, and is entitled to opportunities to develop their knowledge and skills. Equally, every child is entitled to protection from violence, exploitation and other abuses.

Listen to, and be prepared to learn from, children

We fundamentally believe that every child has the right to express their views, and to have those views listened to and taken seriously. Any activity that is undertaken is delivered with what is in the best interest of the child or children.

The value of education

We fundamentally believe that quality education results in positive change in raising income, improving health, promoting gender equality, mitigating climate change, and reducing poverty, as education provides the foundation to creating an equitable society.

Do no harm

Being aware of the wider impact our work may have and take steps to minimise any negative outcomes to our beneficiaries and the wider community within which we operate. We aim to provide assistance in ways that are supportive of recovery and long-term development.

We would also like to thank our partners and supporters in their help towards our objectives:

LAL Language Schools – International English language lesson and skills provider.

Pentland ACL – Specialists in the delivery of qualifications and modern apprenticeships.

Cosy – Education supplies for early years and primary schools.

The Indicate Project – Charity set up to support the pupils at the “School Under the Bridge”


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