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WWEP activity: School design / Teacher recruitment / Psychosocial support / Classroom supplies

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The World Wide Education Project has worked along side its partners: Refugee Youth Service and Derbyshire Refugee Solidarity, in the Calais and Dunkirk camps providing educational supplies, school design service and teacher support for children across the camps.

Former WWEP trustee Isabella Wallace visit the camp in 2016 and wrote this blog about here experiences and the educational work happening there.

WWEP has visited the camps in Northern France several times now, including on the day when the closure of the Calais camp was announced. This closure means that the school we designed for the Refugee Youth Service, along with the teacher placements we were about to instigate and the psychosocial support we had ready to support the children, will now not be possible.

We are currently working with the Refugee Youth Service to support their staff as the school and camp closes, ensuring the psychological support for the staff is covered in this distressing time.

We are currently waiting to see what this closure means to educational provision in France before we develop further plans. We are currently looking to Greece as well to see how we can offer our support there.

We are also continuing to work with Derbyshire Refugee Solidarity to develop their aid delivery strategy and operational activities in Calais & Dunkirk in France, Less in Greece and also to camps in Lebanon.

UPDATE: We are now currently looking to support other similar organisations across Europe to raise the quality of refugee education. If your organisation could benefit from our training and support, please contact

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