Refugee education – Teaching and teacher training

WWEP activity: Teacher training / Psychosocial support

We are currently looking to expand upon the work to support our vision to provide access to quality education for refugees by providing support to organisations working with refugees throughout Europe. We deliver training on a range of subjects including teaching techniques, managing refugee education, humanitarian standards and principles, and psychosocial awareness. Our training encompasses a toolkit developed by the Council of Europe specifically designed to support refugee’s education across Europe.

One of our previous education initiatives for refugees focused on Serbia, which has acted as a humanitarian corridor and gateway for refugees seeking a better life in Europe. WWEP delivered training to education and teaching staff and volunteers from three NGO’s and advised on the set-up of a refugee education centre in Belgrade. We provided training and skills in a range of methodologies for teaching English as well as an introduction to psychosocial techniques to use in the classroom as well as for the staff to look after their own well-being.

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If you are interested in getting involved with becoming a WWEP volunteer, and have a background/experience in education and/or any of the following qualifications: PGCE, TESOL, ESOL, TEFL etc., then for more information please apply online HERE

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If your organisation provides education to refugees and would be interested in receiving additional training your staff and volunteers in a range of subjects including: Humanitarian principles and delivering education in emergencies, Psychosocial support for teachers and volunteers, Rights and legal status of refugees, Culture and language awareness, Language learning, Refugees’ language needs assessment, Planning language support, Learning activities inc. ice breakers, learning vocabulary, language and learning, Communication techniques and Interacting with the local community.

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