School Under the Bridge – Dehli, India

WWEP activity: School design / Learning space construction / Water and Sanitation / Classroom supplies / Pupils and teachers resources

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Beneath the columns of the Delhi Metro system tracks, among the rubble and dust lies an open air classroom. Rajesh Kumar, a shopkeeper by trade, founded the school after seeing children playing there instead of attending school. The children are from a very poor part of Dehli and there families cannot afford to send them to school. This concerned Rajesh, so he decided to start school…where the children were playing. Rajesh told us “It’s most important to inspire these children to study and give them an opportunity of an education”.

Uninterrupted by the noises of the train passing every few minutes. With no tables or chairs the children sit on the floor, Rajesh spends each morning giving the city’s poorest with free classes and the foundation blocks of learning.

Whilst not been given the permission to build permeant structures on the land, WWEP was given permission to construct a raised flood-protected colourful learning space, complete with toilet and running water. We have also supplied uniforms, bags, stationary, sports equipment and books. A secure chests keep the supplies safe and away from the elements.

WWEP continue to support with the School Under the Bridge in the hope of being given permission to construct permanent desks and benches for the pupils we have designed.

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